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Download e-book for kindle: Anti-Americanism: A Perfect Addition to a Russian by U.S. Government,U.S. Military,Department of Defense (DoD)

By U.S. Government,U.S. Military,Department of Defense (DoD)

This document has been professionally switched over for exact flowing-text publication structure replica. This examine analyzes anti-Americanism in Russia in the course of the period of Vladimir Putin. the target is to judge Vladimir Putin's anti-Americanism and the political implications of Putinist anti-Americanism inside Russia.

The critical questions that this research strives to respond to are: (1) What are the roots of Vladimir Putin's anti-Americanism and the anti-American developments of segments of the Russian population from the Nineteen Nineties to the current day; (2) what's the courting among the development of Putin's anti-Americanism and the anti-American sympathies of the Russian public; and (3) What are the aptitude household political merits garnered through Putin's hybrid authoritarian regime because of his anti-American rhetoric and coverage positions? This learn concludes that Vladimir Putin is inherently anti-American and the Russian populace's anti-American temper is without delay manipulated via Putin. Putin employs the mechanics of his country to propagate anti-Americanism inside Russia for family political reasons.

I. PUTINIST AUTHORITARIANISM AND ANTI-AMERICANISM: AN advent * A. function * B. value * C. HYPOSTUDY AND concept * D. historical past * 1. Putin's Evolving Anti-Americanism * 2. Putin's Hybrid-Authoritarian laptop * three. Implications of Russians' Anti-Americanism * E. technique AND assets] * F. ROADMAP * II. VLADIMIR PUTIN'S ANTI-AMERICANISM: OUTWARDLY FLUCTUATING yet INTERNALLY constant? * A. PUTIN'S EARLY background * 1. youth and school * 2. Into the Shadows: Putin within the KGB and the Case for a protracted time period Cognitive Predisposition * B. YELTSIN period * 1. Putin within the Aftermath of cave in * 2. Russia and the West within the Nineteen Nineties: U.S. as an Inadvertent Contributor to Putinist Anti-Americanism * a NATO * b. Balkans * c. financial cave in and the Absence of U.S. relief * C. PUTIN: A unexpected THRUST INTO THE LIMELIGHT * 1. Putin's Short-Lived Premiership and appearing Presidency * a. obstacle in Chechnya * b. Presidential Election of 2000 * D. PUTIN'S FIRST PRESIDENCY * 1. combine Into or With the West. or Neither? * 2. The assaults of 9-11 and the Aftermath * three. cohesion: Putin and Bush * four. Iraq and a unexpected flip opposed to the US? * five. Elections of 2003 and 2004 * E. PUTIN'S moment PRESIDENCY * 1. Shift from the West * 2. the US Inadvertently performs into Putin's Hand * a. NATO * b. the way forward for U.S. Unilateralism * c. BMD * d. Western flip by way of Former Constituent States * three. severe Reciprocity? assault on those that Criticize Him * F. PRESIDENT TO PUPPETMASTER AND again back: PUTIN'S fresh PREMIERSHIP AND go back TO THE PRESIDENCY* 1. Georgia * 2. The Obama-Medvedev Reset: brief Lived or DOA? * three. The 2012 Election and Putin's 3rd time period * four. Ongoing occasions * G. CONCLUSIONS * III. VLADIMIR PUTIN'S RUSSIA: among DEMOCRACY AND DICATORSHIP? * A. WHAT MAKES AN AUTHORITARIAN country? * 1. real Authoritarian States * 2. Hybrid Authoritarian States * B. PUTIN'S AUTHORITARIAN managed DEMOCRACY: THE MECHANISMS * 1. assault the Yeltsin Years * 2. kingdom regulate and source concept * three. protecting the appearance * a. "Democratic" Elections * b. Political events * C. position OF ELITES AND the general public IN PUTIN'S computer: AN AUTOCRAT nonetheless ANSWERABLE TO OTHERS? * 1. Elites * 2. the general public at huge * D. end * IV. THE POLITICS OF ANTI-AMERICANISM * A. POLLING standpoint at the RUSSIAN PUBLICS' ANTI-AMERICANISM * 1. The Pre-Putin Years * 2. below Putin: Fluctuating or as regular as Putin? * B. ANTI-AMERICANISM OF THE ELITES * 1. Disenchantment lower than Yeltsin * 2. Anti-Americanism to illustrate one's Political Bona Fides * C. PUTIN'S POLITICAL advantages FROM ANTI-AMERICANISM

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Anti-Americanism: A Perfect Addition to a Russian Authoritarian's Political Toolbox - Vladimir Putin's History from the KGB to the Presidency, Corruption and Oligarchs, NATO, How Can America Cope? by U.S. Government,U.S. Military,Department of Defense (DoD)

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